What are your fees?

As the authentication and legalization process varies from country to country, the time and cost of obtaining an authentication can differ. Our fees are based on whether or not the Country of Destination is a Hague or non-Hague country.

The process can be a complicated one involving the various government agencies, local consulates, as well as embassies in Washington D.C. and can sometimes take 2 to 3 weeks. We will have to verify their procedures because they keep changing. Please contact us (406) 670-1314 for information and a quote. If out of the country please use the WHAT'S APP.

Here are some “Generic” Fees to give you an estimate. These fees are subject to change and are shown only to give you an estimate

If your document is returned by the Country of Designation due to an error in our part, we will process a new one FREE. 

 *Standard Rate

$229 for the 1st page

$109 for 2 - 4 pages

*Department of State

$261 for the 1st page

$161 for 2 - 4 pages

*Embassy or Consulate pricing

$312 for 1 – 2 pages

$212 for ea. additional page

Estimated Delivery Time

Personal / Business Documents Federal Documents

7 to 14 business days 3 to 4 Weeks